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The MEDIWAT project (Sustainable management of environmental issues related to water stress in Mediterranean Islands) was submitted with the second call of the MED (2007-2013) - Priority-Objective 2-1; Axe 2 - Protection of the environment and promotion of a sustainable territorial development; Objective 2.1 - Protection and anhancement of natural resources and heritage.
The aim of MEDIWAT is to provide innovative and sustainable technical, operational and managerial solutions for tackling problems caused by water resources -quality worsening and -shortage in Med insular context. The main deliverables will be:
  • a web database and advisory platform through which realizing and maintaining an inter-islands network of expertises and cooperation;
  • two strategic master plans for effective and sustainable management of water resources in small and large Med islands.
In Med islands, because of the lack of the necessary knowledge-tools, integrated solutions for mitigating water availability shortening and water quality worsening are seldom considered by local Authorities when elaborating strategies for effective and sustainable water resources management. The project aims at tackling such problem by providing Med Islands Authorities with the technical, scientific and managerial support necessary for defining transnational strategies and elaborating strategic master plans aimed at managing local water resources under quali-quantitative stressed conditions. The sustainable management of water resources is for sure the main tool through which economic growth can be sustained without damaging the environment.
The partnership of the MEDIWAT project covers the following NUTS II regions:
  • FRANCE: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (and Corsica Region with partners of support);
  • GREECE: Crete Region;
  • ITALY: Sicily and Apulia Regions;
  • MALTA;
  • SPAIN: Catalonia and Balearic islands Regions.

The partners of the project are established in the above mentioned regions, where all the project activities will be performed.

Institutions established in Corsica Region (e.g. Office du Développement Agricole et Rural de Corse, ODARC) are involved as partners of support, setting-up a specific pilot project in Corsica, providing the needed data and using and exploiting the results of the project.

The web-site of the MEDIWAT project is

Kick-Off Meeting 23-25 September 2010